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Earthday 2001
Sustainable Communities
For what is happening for EarthDay 2001 pleasesee This site lists many things you can do to help make our world more sustainable. You will find an extensive listing of all the major Earthday events throughout the Bay Area. Since the focus for EarthDay 2000 was energy, you will find all the information from last year very useful  More...

BAA Merges with PCCF
Bay Area Action and the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation voted August 24 to merge the two organizations.  More...

Why NOT to buy an SUV
They get worse gas mileage,
don't feature the same emission controls as regular passenger cars, and can legally pollute three to five times more than cars. Need some more reasons not to buy one?  More...

Our Wish List
It's with the help of supporters like you that we're able to get by and still run a successful nonprofit in the Silicon Valley, a place where it seems nearly everyone is a millionaire these days.  

BAY AREA ACTION (BAA) is an environmental education and action nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to help people discover and strengthen their connection to and concern for the natural environment through education and hands-on, action-oriented activities.

Updated 09-26-00